Through the @hipstaroll Instagram feed, co-creators Tammy George and Chuck McCudden inspire a community of Hipstamatic app fans with interesting combinations to try. Each week a different digital "film" and "lens" are selected, such as the image above in week 56. Image by Anna Cox (@annacox).

Each week the @hipstaroll community on Instagram engages one another in a moderated exploration of a different combination of Hipstamatic film, lens and other options using a series of hashtags to filter the results. 

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Tammy George, who uses the handle @punkrawkpurl, created the @hipstaroll Instagram feed along with Chuck McCudden (@lucky_chucky). Together, with the help of “official Hipstaroll correspondents” they announce a weekly combination of Hipstamatic options, and specify which hashtag participants should use.

For example, it’s the 70th week the Hipstaroll combinations have been announced, so the current hashtag is #HipstaRoll_Week70.

This week’s combo is the John S. lens with the DC film, so additional hashtags are #JohnS#DC and #Hipstamatic.

New combinations are announced every Friday.

“It’s an insane amount of work, but I love it,” George told us recently when we caught up with her to learn more about Hipstaroll.

A "PreCap" post checks in with Hipstaroll participants every Monday. Image by Rachel Sawyer (@iwife).

By Monday, George and McCudden check in with participants for a “PreCap,” with that week's selected Hipstaroll correspondent offering an initial review of the combination. 

A final “Recap the Roll” post concludes that week’s assignment with a final image from the Hipstaroll correspondent of the week.

Recently, George and McCudden have additionally been posting about Hipstamatic’s new multiple exposure feature, as Hipstarollers have been exploring its possibilities.

 Image by Leigh Lukesh (@leighmns).