Blocks Camera of California has introduced its Blocks+ multi-functional camera. The Blocks+ features a modular design allowing photographers to swap in components, referred to as 'blocks', for various types of recording like 3D and 360-degree video. The blocks also include battery modules that can be added for extra battery life.

The camera will be offered as two models: the Blocks+, and the Blocks+ H. The Blocks+ model features up to 2k-resolution recording and 10-megapixel stills with a burst mode up to 5fps. The Blocks+ H boosts these numbers, offering up to 4k-resolution recording and 12-megapixel stills with a burst mode up to 10fps. The Blocks+ H includes a WiFi remote, while the Blocks+ model supports it as an optional accessory.

Otherwise the two models are the same, featuring integrated GPS and WiFi, a gyroscope for stability, video-out via a micro HDMI port, a microphone that records 3D stereo audio, up to four lenses, and an internal battery that can be augmented by additional battery blocks. Three shooting modes round out the Blocks+ and Blocks+ H: Action Cam, 3D, and 360. The 3D Mode in particular is achieved using two extension arms to reposition the lenses, which are included with the Blocks+ H model.

Blocks Camera is seeking $200,000 in funding through Kickstarter, where a Blocks+ model is available through a pledge of $350 USD and a Blocks+ H Edition model is available for $450 USD. Depending on your pledge, additional fees may be necessary for the 3D extension arms and a remote control. Shipping is estimated for July 2015.