"So, that's another million then", he says casually. I never dreamt that DPR could ever become as popular as it has done, back in August we broke the 1,000,000 visitor barrier, I predicted at the time that we'd just make it through 2,000,000 by the year 2000. Well, we broke through that at the end of October and here now up to 500,000+ unique visitors per month I'm beginning to loose count!

A big personal thanks to all those who have helped me on the way, all the comments and kind emails, all the visitors who come back every day, the large community of posters on the forums (now one of the most popular areas of the site), the other digicam sites for supporting me, friends, family etc. etc.

Here's looking at the year ahead as another defining year in digital photography where cameras will only go from strength to strength and where we might start to see serious digital SLR's from other manufacturers enter the market.

Advertisers! take this opportunity to see the figures and realise the potential, with over half a million unique visitors per month (growing at 25% per month) you know that it makes sense to advertise on Digital Photography Review.

Cheers and keep coming back!

Phil Askey
Editor, Webmaster