Instagram is highlighting the Lunar New Year images of several users on its blog. Sites like Gramfeed and Statigram are useful for viewing all results of pertinent images marked by hashtag terms like #lunarnewyear, #LNY, #chinesenewyear and #CNY.

Revelers around the world celebrated the Lunar New Year with a bang on Sunday, Feb. 10 as they ushered in the start of the Year of the Snake, according to the Chinese zodiac.

In addition to the fireworks, dragon dances and lucky red money envelopes, people also honored the Spring Festival tradition by sharing images of the occasion on social image sharing sites like Instagram. 

Instagram user, and Beijing-based freelance visual journalist for the New York Times, Jonah Kessel, @jkessel, shared this image of people at a Hong Kong fireworks show capturing the event with their smartphones.

At the time of this post, the website Statigram showed more than 25,000 results for Instagram images tagged with #lunarnewyear. Instagram's blog also points users to view hashtag results for #lunarnewyear, #LNY, #chinesenewyear and #CNY using Gramfeed, which includes a map feature to easily see where images were posted from.

Flickr also offered up a gallery of Lunar New Year images today that's worth a look.