It's a good problem as a spin doctor would tell you. Due to the increasing popularity of we're having to upgrade our servers. Most of the work has already taken place (in the background) and all primary services (DNS, MAIL, WEB) have already been moved to the new server. However, those of you who know the business also know our biggest enemy is DNS. When we switch the site over to the new server we will shut down the old website and will be given the new IP address, this may take a day or so to get into your ISP's database and thus the site may seem inaccessible.. However, there is a solution.

IF (and only if) you can't access (or you can access the new site (once it's online) at: Please note that at no point will both sites be available, one will go down as the other comes up. As soon as the DNS changes have fully propagated themselves you won't need to access by IP address any longer.

Please bear with us during this period of instability, everything should be running smoothly by early next week.