The Sony Alpha 7R II is one of the most talked-about cameras of the year so far. And with a 42MP full-frame BSI CMOS sensor with 399 focal plane phase-detect points, 5-axis image stabilization rated to 4.5 stops and 4K UHD video recording, it's easy to understand why. Up to now we've only had access to pre-production models, but that all changed this week. Deputy Editor Rishi Sanyal has been busy shooting with a production-quality a7R II at a Sony event in Portland, and has put together an initial real-world sample gallery. Check it out!

As you're viewing the gallery, please keep in mind that high contrast scenes were underexposed to not risk blowing highlights, with the exposure compensation value listed for most shots. If you're trying to evaluate noise levels at particular ISOs (which our studio scene is much better suited to do), please add this exposure compensation value to the stated ISO to get an idea of the ISO straight-out-of-camera that would lead to the noise levels visible. And always keep in mind that tonal adjustments, particularly contrast adjustments, can increase apparent noise. We apply no noise reduction in Raw, so out-of-camera JPEGs like this one will typically yield less noise.

We'll be updating this gallery over the next few days, and hope to have more review content online very soon, incorporating feedback from discussions with engineers at the event.

Note: If you are on viewing on a Retina Apple device and the images look soft, please try downloading the original file and viewing in a dedicated photo viewing app to judge pixel-level sharpness. In what appears to be an Apple-related bug, some Retina display devices are currently experiencing issues with image viewing at 100%, and to confound matters our gallery system can render images soft on certain browsers. We're diligently working to resolve the gallery issue on our end.