Jenoptik has announced that its 'eyelike' medium format back is ready for a new 11 megapixel chip from Philips. This new chip, expected Summer 2002 will have a resolution of 4008 x 2672 pixels. Currently the 'eyelike' medium format back uses the Philips 6 megapixel chip (3072 x 2048). It is driven by a PC through a fiber optic link or Firewire (optional kit). The 'eyelike' has adapters available for Hasselblad, Contax 645, Mamiya 645 AF, Mamiya RZ, Fuji GX 680, Bronica ETR, Rolleiflex 600x and more.

Press release:

Buy now – upgrade later!

eyelike MF is ready for new Philips chip

JENOPTIK Laser Optik Systeme is the only manufacturer of digital camera backs to offer an upgrade option for the new 4,008 by 2,672 pixel Philips chip, due to become available in Summer of 2002. This applies for the eyelike MF range of products.

Effective immediately, JENOPTIK guarantees to upgrade eyelike MF for just Euro 6.000 as soon as the new Philips chip becomes available. No need to wait with a purchase and no missing out on new technology! Your investment is protected!

Even previously delivered eyelike MF’s can be upgraded. Ask your local dealer for details and rices. Over 90% of all images are captured at the traditional ratio of a 35 mm camera and are later processed in the same way. With their new 11 mio pixel chip, Philips aims at exactly that segment of the digital imaging market. In 16-shot mode files sizes can now reach up to 256 MB.

The eyelike MF digital camera back can be used with almost every medium format camera in the market and is available for 1-shot and 1-shot with antimoire function, 4-shot and 16-shot in
microscanning mode. With “eyelike to go”, JENOPTIK L. O. S. offers unlimited mobility while
connected to an Apple PowerBook.