Hasselblad has announced a camera capable of producing 200MP images based on shifting its 50MP sensor. The H4D-200MS uses an extension of the company's sensor-shift, multi-shot (MS) technology to create a 200 megapixel file from six images taken at slight offsets. It can also use the four-shot mode used by the H4D-50MS that shifts the sensor by one pixel in each direction to capture all colors at each position. The latest approach adds 1/2pixel offsets to increase the captured resolution to 200MP. The H4D-200MS is available for €32,000 or as a €7,000 factory-return upgrade for H4D-50MS owners.

Press Release:

Hasselblad Launches the New H4D-200MS

Hasselblad's latest multi-shot camera, which delivers unprecedented 200 megapixel files, is
currently shipping. Upgrades for H4D-50MS cameras are also available.

After careful testing for stability and color accuracy, the H4D-200MS - first announced at Photokina
last September - is now available. Based on the H4D-50MS platform, the new camera is capable of
creating 200 megapixel files for the ultimate in resolution.

Since 2000, Hasselblad has continuously developed its multi-shot technology. In 2008, the company
announced the first integrated multi-shot camera—the H3DII-39MS—which was followed more recently by the H4D-50MS. As a further development of the H4D-50MS technology, the H4D-200MS utilizes Hasselblad's patented piezo frame module, which now captures 6 shots and combines them
into an astounding 200 megapixel file.

Designed for studio photographers whose work requires the ultimate in resolution, extremely fine
details and exact color information, the H4D-200MS is ideal for capturing images of stationary items
such as cars, jewelry, artwork and other high end products where there is no room for compromise
in image quality. In addition to its extended multi-shot capabilities, the H4D-200MS offers standard
multi-shot and single-shot modes as well. Naturally, this extraordinary capture device offers all the
benefits of the H4D family of cameras such as True Focus, Ultra Focus and Digital Lens Correction, to
name just a few.

The H4D-200MS is available now for 32.000 Euro (plus tax). H4D-50MS owners have the option of
upgrading their systems for 7.000 Euro (plus tax) by sending the camera to the factory in Copenhagen,
Denmark. While the camera is being converted, the service team will make sure that the firmware and
hardware is updated to ensure that the piezo modules' strict tolerances, which are necessary for precise
multi-shot capture, are met.

For more information, please visit: www.hasselblad.com/H4D-200MS