Leica has announced a delay in production of its new S2 autofocus medium format DSLR. According to the company, this delay has been caused by 'higher than expected' demand. To us it seems more likely that higher than expected demand for other recently announced Leica products may also be having a knock-on effect. The camera, announced at Photokina last year was supposed to hit the shelves this month, but will now be available from December 2009 (hopefully).

Press Announcement:

The Leica S-System has attracted tremendous attention among photographers since it was first introduced at Photokina 2008. Since the announcement, incoming orders have been much higher than expected.

Leica’s commitment to perfection is unwavering and attention to detail is ever-present. In order to manage the higher demand, Leica AG has therefore decided to adapt the S-System production lines to a higher daily output without compromising quality. However, this cannot be done during a running production and this intricate process calls for further testing and optimization at various stages. Therefore, Leica AG will postpone the start of serial production the S-System.

First deliveries will be made in the 2nd week of January 2010.

First samples of the S2 with final firmware will be showcased in New York during the Photo Plus East show (October 22 - 24, 2009). Interested parties are invited to experience a hands-on demonstration of the S2 during the trade show at the Leica booth (#636).