Today we're proud to reveal our new and exclusive resolution chart. The old ISO standard resolution chart we have been using for the last six years has served us well but met its limit at around ten megapixels. With the advent of 10+ megapixel digital SLRs and maybe next year even consumer cameras it's clear the time is right for an updated chart. The new chart is based on the ISO chart but has double resolution bars, which provide resolution measurement up to 4000 LPH (which should be good for up to 35 megapixels).

New resolution chart detail

As you can see from the diagram below we've tried not to change too much, this enables us to continue to use resolution chart shots from older cameras in comparison with newer cameras. The primary advantage here is that we can now easily measure resolution up to 4000 LPH in a single shot. Expect to see this new chart featuring in all future reviews.

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An example chart - Canon EOS 5D

Note to Canonites we're now using the EF 85 mm F1.8 lens for all test chart / comparison shots on full-frame Canons.

The 'old side' (left) as you can see the EOS 5D goes beyond 2000 LPH But on the new side (right) we can easily see the limits of resolution and extinction of detail

Phil: Note that the new chart has a special matte finish designed to reduce reflection and increase contrast, if you look closely at the bottom left or right corners of the chart you may be able to see the reflective texture effect of this finish. Thanks to Stephen H. Westin for permission to use his original rendering as the basis for our new chart.