The EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) Awards are chosen annually by a panel of Editors from 40 prominent magazines throughout Europe. This years photo awards were 35mm SLR: Minolta Dynax 7 SLR, Lens: Sigma EX 20mm F1.8 DG, Consumer digital: Sony DSC-S85, Professional digital: Nikon D1x, Film scanner: Nikon Coolscan 4000 ED, Photo Innovation: Epson PIM Technology and Photo Printer: Canon S800 Photo.

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Congratulations especially to Sony for winning an award for their excellent DSC-S85, and Nikon for scoring a double result with the D1x professional digital SLR and Coolscan 4000 ED scanner.

Here's what Nikon had to say about winning the award (Press release):

Berlin 24/08/02 Nikon are proud to announce that two of their products have gained prestigious EISA awards for the second year running.

The Nikon D1X, high resolution digital SLR has gained; "European Pro Digital Camera of the Year 2001-2002" the second year running that Nikon D1 series SLR has gained such an award.

The Super Coolscan 4000ED film scanner has gained "European Digital Scanner of the Year 2001-2002" award.

Speaking at the awards dinner Mr. Naoki Tomino - General Manager of the development management department at Nikon Corporation's imaging company, Japan, said:

I am more than pleased to return to Berlin for this, the "second" time, to be amongst my industry friends, and in particular to be present on this very special "double" occasion of the eisa awards 2001-2002, and the celebration of 20 years of EISA.

I am also more than happy & very proud to receive on behalf of Nikon corporation, the "double" recognition, of two prestigious EISA awards being bestowed upon our digital imaging products.

From the design and development teams at Nikon, Firstly for our D1x camera as the winner of the "European Pro Digital Camera of the Year 2001-2002" and secondly for our Super Coolscan 4000 ED as the winner of the "European Digital Scanner of the Year 2001-2002" category - we offer our sincere thanks.

This "double award" is humbly accepted as a recognition of our successful attempts to bring speed, ease of use and above all, outstanding image quality to this new era of digitisation in the photographic and imaging industries.

We will continue to strive for perfection in our imaging products and to raise our standards in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our users.

We realise that for all, photography is the expression of a passion - a passion for life and for life's experiences.

At Nikon we are driven by the passion to provide the ultimate, most advanced equipment that will allow our users to realise their lifetime ambitions.

And finally to all the EISA Photo Panel members - my very hearty congratulations on your passionate and unswerving devotion in promoting the imaging industry throughout europe over the past 20 years, and once again I thank you on behalf of Nikon for your prestigious awards.