Founders of the GPS-equipped Memoto wearable camera, Martin Kallstrom and Oskar Kalmaru captured around 10,000 photographs at the SXSW music and film festival in Austin, Texas. This wearable square device made headlines when it surpassed its initial Kickstarter funding goal in just 5 hours. The Memoto camera automatically captures two 5MP geotagged photos every minute (one every 30 seconds) and the built-in accelerometer ensures pictures are turned to the correct orientation. 

The tiny Memoto camera. Photo courtesy: All Things Digital.

Tech site All things Digital has posted an article about the Memoto and its creators, which is well worth reading. Speaking to the site about the SXSW project, Oskar Kalmaru went into detail about the images that were collected, saying that 'considering the frequency of shots, plenty of these were off-center, blurry, dark or black photos. Others were cool images of SXSWers crossing Sixth Street in Austin, with the sun bouncing off buildings and crisp blue skies in the background.'

Speaking about Memonto's subscription-based, photo-storage service, Kalmaru explained 'it smartly organizes your photos in a timeline, and chooses the best photo from a moment or an event. Tapping on that photo in the Memoto mobile app will reveal the collective photos from that event, but they’re not all cluttering your feed.'

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(via All Things Digital)