Canon Europe today released an official statement on the AF problems experienced by some users of its EOS-1D Mark III DSLR. It seems the sub-mirror assembly is to blame for focus and tracking inaccuracy in AI servo continuous mode particularly when working in high ambient temperatures. Bodies with serial numbers 501001 through 546561 are said to be affected, and Canon are preparing to offer free repairs from late November.

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Canon's statement:

Title: Why do I experience inconsistent Auto Focus (AF) behaviour with my EOS-1D Mark III?

The focus or AF tracking is inconsistent when using the Artificial Intelligent (AI) servo continuous shooting mode under high temperatures in particular.

In the digital SLR camera, EOS-1D Mark III that was launched in May this year, Canon has found that some cameras have an adjustment problem with the mirror for AF. The adjustment problem means for the affected products that the focus is not stable or that the Auto Focus tracking is not right when using the AI servo continuous shooting under high temperatures in particular.

Affected products:
The products that could have this problem can be identified as explained below.
If the serial number on the bottom of the camera is between 501001 and 546561, it could contain one of the AF mirrors with the adjustment problem.

For customers who have affected products and are experiencing these problems, we are making preparations to offer free of charge repairs planned to start from late November. We will announce additional details about the repair process on our Web site as soon as they become available.

In case you have questions about this or other issues, please contact Technical Support using the button at the end of this message. Alternatively you can also call our Helpdesk. Please click here for the phone number.

We offer our most sincere apologies to all affected customers who have been inconvenienced by this issue.