Accessory maker Richard Franiec has unveiled his design for a custom grip for the Sony RX100. As usual for one of Franiec's grips, the anodized aluminium accessory is held in place with 3M VHB tape, which holds it firmly in place but can be removed, without damage, later. The design follows the pattern of his existing grips and doesn't protrude beyond the camera's retracted lens barrel, so that pocketability isn't reduced. The grip will be available from August 2012 at a cost of $34.95, plus shipping.

Press Release:

New Sony RX100 Custom Grip

Driven by popular demand this grip is designed specifically for Sony RX100 to address the handling concerns indicated by early RX100 adopters.
Thanks to the grip, one-handed shooting of still images and video with RX100 in comfort and safety is now possible.
The grip is individually precision 3D CNC machined from high grade aluminum alloy, glass bead blasted and black anodized with nickel seal for durability. The grip sits below the lens ring so there is no compromise to overall pocket-ability.
CG-RX100 grip attaches to the camera by 3M VHB clear transfer tape known for ultimate bonding power in wide range of environments, yet it can be removed without the damage to the camera or grip finish when the need arises.
Custom RX100 Grip (CG-RX100) will be available in first part of August 2012 for $34.95 plus shipping.
Link to a few pictures of the grip.