Almost as good as a cup of eggnog. Google will make your holiday photos "twinkle."

Google's Auto Awesome feature has been automatically editing Google+ user's photos for the past few months, but now Google+ is wishing you an "Auto Merry" Christmas and an "Auto Happy" New Year with a couple of winter-themed photo features.

Creating animated GIFs out of your still holiday photos, Google+'s new Auto Awesome features are great for snowy scenes or bright lights.

Google's Erik Murphy-Chutorian explained the features on his Google+ page:

1) Twinkle: upload a new photo of something that sparkles (like a Christmas tree or a chandelier), and we'll gift you a version with lights that actually twinkle.

2) Snow: upload a new photo with snow to Google+, and we'll gift you a version with snow that’s actually falling.

The weather outside is frightful, but this Google+ feature is so delightful ...