Tangerine is filmmaker Sean Baker's latest movie, and was on show earlier this year at the renowned Sundance independent film festival in Utah. It is about two transgender prostitutes who meet in a Doughnut-shop in LA when one of them finds out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her while she was in jail. 

However, not only does the storyline sound intriguing, but the movie is also interesting from a technology point of view. Tangerine was entirely shot on the iPhone 5. Initially the decision was made in order to keep the cost for equipment and crew down as the total budget for the movie was only $100,000.

Shooting with an iPhone also helped create a signature look throughout the film, using higher than usual saturation. Baker also used anamorphic adapter prototypes from Moondog Labs and the Filmic Pro video app for shooting. The latter allowed for capturing footage at lower compression rates than the standard app and a Steadicam rig was used to keep things smooth. According to Baker using 64GB iPhones meant there was no need to worry about storage, but a lot of Mophie external batteries were in use in order to avoid running out of battery. 

The iPhone was also helpful in another important way. Some of the characters in the movie were played by first-time actors who felt less intimidated by the iPhone and its accessories than they would have been by professional movie equipment and the large crews that go with it. In addition to shooting with a mobile device, Baker relied on social media for some aspects of the production. He found some of his cast on Instagram and Vine and discovered part of the movie's music on SoundCloud. 

If you're interested in the Tangerine movie you can find more information on its Facebook page or watch the (NSFW) trailer below. You'll also be able to see it in selected theaters across the US starting Friday.

Via: Wired