Olympus USA has produced a spoof documentary that claims to highlight the problems faced by those who spend too long carrying heavy DSLR equipment. The hero of the films, Paul, suffers a condition called 'DSL-Arm,' which is characterized by a dramatic lengthening of the right arm. According to the narrator the lengthening is the natural conclusion to a life carrying weighty camera bodies and lenses.

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Of course, the company doesn't just highlight the issues and the cause, but also offers the cure. Presumably after some consultation with the Olympus medical division, the campaign suggests photographers switch to smaller, lighter cameras that don’t bring on this condition. The website conveniently features a section in which DSLR owners are invited to list their symptoms for automatic diagnosis – though it seems the prescription is always the same: an Olympus OM-D E-M5 ll.

The company played a similar card during the UK's The Photography Show consumer exhibition: offering massages to DSLR owners under the banner 'DSLR Users in Need' – a take-off of the popular UK charity appeal Children in Need.

You can see more of the films and a behind-the-scenes video on the DSL-Arm page of the Olympus website