f-stop gear, maker of rugged camera bags, has introduced three new models and a refreshed existing model to its Mountain Series. The Ajna, Sukha, Shinn and Tilopa offer increased durability and ripstop Nylon shells for weather-proofing. Like other f-stop bags they're built to accommodate an ICU, or Internal Camera Unit, which are compartmentalized inserts. Users can pick the ICU that best fits their needs based on size and configuration. 

At the bottom of the scale in terms of size is the Ajna, a follow-up to the existing Loka bag that offers a lightweight harness. The Shinn is the largest and is designed with videographers in mind, and the Sukha is optimized to carry a wildlife photographer's large telephoto lenses. The revamped Tilopa promises 50L of capacity to its predecessor's 48L, but claims there's no gain in physical size. 

All four bags are expected to ship in early July. Prices are as follows: $399/€369 for the Shinn, $299/€269 for the Sukha, $259/€219 for the Tilopa and $229/€179 for the Ajna. New ICU inserts include the Master Cine for $279/€199 and Master Tele for $239/€179.

Press release:

f-stop Announces All-New Mountain Series Pack Lineup

Adventure Pack Company Shows Off All-New 2015 Spring Lineup

Saint Louis, MO: Today, f-stop, a leading provider of adventure packs and accessories specializing in camera packs and transport systems, announced a completely new lineup for their world renowned Mountain Series. The new lineup introduces three brand new packs, the Ajna, Sukha, and Shinn, alongside an upgrade to a current customer favorite, the Tilopa.

The 2015 Mountain Series has received a major upgrade in the main body textile, significantly improving the weather and abrasion resistance of each pack. f-stop's market-leading innovation in design offers improved usability, ergonomics and capacity for those shooting in the harshest conditions.

Highlights of the 2015 Mountain Series:

  • The Shinn is the largest pack in the range and was developed in conjunction with a new Master-Cine ICU designed to carry rigged video setups into the field.
  • Increased durability and outstanding weather-proofing is provided by a ripstop Nylon shell and a secondary polyurethane film.
  • Hypalon base to withstand wear-and-tear from the harshest environments.
  • Newly integrated, expandable side panel pockets with full-length zippers.
  • Updated range of colors to include Malibu (Blue), Nasturtium (Orange), Aloe (Green/Tan) and Anthracite (Matte Black).

"If you are serious about the pursuit of all things amazing, the new Mountain Series lineup might just be your best companion. The new Mountain Series is aggressive, durable, efficient and very attractive with a timeless style. The new f-stop Mountain Series is the standard in adventure driven photography," said f-stop Product Development Director, Ian Millar.

Falk Hicke, f-stop VP of Sales added: "The new Mountain Series line-up will allow us to answer the needs of our photographers through the continued implementation of their existing ICU’s, but at the same time also provide a product that will appeal to a whole new generation of photographers and videographers."

The development of the new Mountain Series products has been achieved through the implementation of the latest material technology and significant field-testing with members of f-stop's Global Icon's program. Mike Owen, VP of Communications stated: "This is a massive evolutionary step for our products. Our goals were to set the bar as high as possible for adventure camera packs and I think we've done just that."