ABSoft has announced upgrades to its noise reduction software program Neat Image for both Windows and Mac. The new versions of Neat Image are said to significantly improve quality and efficiency of noise reduction, provide stronger integration with the latest image editors and enhanced usability. V5.0 for Windows and v3.0 for Mac plug-ins are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS2. Other new features include profile quality indicators, improved image viewers plus preset matching, new command line format and optimizations of the underlying algorithms.

Click here to download Neat Image v5.0 for Windows

Click here to download Neat Image v3.0 for Mac

Press Release (Win):

Neat Image v5.0 Win

Improving the de facto standard, ABSoft introduces the next generation noise reduction solution

EINDHOVEN, NL, May 23 – Neat Image team, ABSoft, is pleased to announce the introduction of a new generation of its noise reduction solution for digital photography that inherits and refines the highest quality and efficiency traditionally delivered by Neat Image: Neat Image v5.0 /Win.

Renowned for its noise reduction quality, Neat Image is used by photographers all over the world as a tool that turns noisy photos and grainy scans into clean and neat digital images.

New in Neat Image v5.0 /Win is significantly improved quality and efficiency of noise reduction, stronger integration with the latest image editors and enhanced usability.

Realizing the critical importance of high quality noise reduction in low light (night, indoors) and high speed (sport, action) photography, new Neat Image employs significantly enhanced and optimized noise reduction algorithms. These algorithms use refined device noise profiles to more accurately reflect camera or scanner characteristics and to draw a more clear distinction between noise and details in digital images. In effect, the noise reduction quality is greatly improved, especially in cases of strong noise and compression artifacts: more true noise is reduced and more real image details are preserved.

Keeping up with ever increasing megapixel ratings of the modern digital cameras, new Neat Image incorporates a more efficient implementation of all image processing procedures which makes both profiling and noise reduction faster than in the previous generation of Neat Image. Neat Image version 5.0 works 2.0-2.5 times faster than the version 4.0.

Supporting the software environment used by many professionals, the plug-in versions of Neat Image /Win have been made fully compatible with the latest generation of the industry standard image editor: Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Windows. Neat Image noise reduction is directly integrated in a workflow based on Photoshop filters, plug-ins and actions.

New Neat Image also includes numerous usability improvements (profile quality indicators, improved image viewers), new features (preset matching, new command line format) and optimizations of the underlying algorithms.


Since the beginning of the digital imaging era, digital noise and digitized film grain have always been unwelcome parts of many digital photos and scans because of imperfect physical nature of the underlying light-capturing processes. While the hardware manufactures have always been trying to improve these processes, Neat Image software is designed to work with the available output produced by the modern hardware: noisy high ISO digital shots and scans of grainy film. Neat Image greatly improves the visual quality of such digital images by reducing the objectionable noise and grain and at the same time preserving the real image details.

Neat Image was initially introduced to the market in 2001 and quickly became the de facto standard in noise reduction for digital photography thanks to the top quality of noise reduction delivered by the tool.

The top quality noise reduction has been made possible by using device noise profiles – a novel concept originally introduced by Neat Image. A device noise profile is a reusable analysis of noise properties of an image acquisition device. Using device noise profiles in effect makes Neat Image processing custom-tailored to an imaging device and therefore makes noise reduction more accurate.

Neat Image /Win runs in Windows as a standalone application and a Photoshop-compatible plug-in.

Pricing and Availability

Neat Image v5.0 /Win is available in several editions, from the basic Home edition to the most feature-rich Pro+ edition:

  • Home edition is a standalone version for home users who process small number of images; available at US$29.90
  • Home+ edition additionally includes the Photoshop-compatible plug-in; available at US$49.90
  • Pro edition supports 16-bit image processing and unlimited queuing / batching capabilities; available at US$59.90
  • Pro+ edition additionally includes the Photoshop-compatible action-enabled plug-in; available at US$74.90

Volume licensing and special pricing is available as well. For more information please visit www.neatimage.com

Upgrading from previous versions

Caring for people who already use Neat Image /Win, ABSoft makes the new version available to the currently registered users of the previous versions at no extra cost.

Click here to read the Mac press release for v3.0