Delkin are now shipping their largest capacity flash memory CF type II card, a 224MB whopper. We covered this story originally back on the 27th July when they announced shipment of an 80MB card, now with this much larger capacity 224MB card it begs the question who needs a microdrive? Erm anyone looking for cheaper storage, this baby retails at $999, a 340MB microdrive is around $500...

Here's their press release:

Delkin Devices new, 224MB CompactFlash Type II cards are now being shipped. These cards offer the largest flash technology capacity available to consumers in CFII form.

Las Vegas, Comdex '99--- Delkin Devices, the leading innovator of eFilm™ flash memory upgrades and memory related products, announced it has started shipping the new CompactFlash™ Type II in 224MB. The eFilm™ 224MB CFII is fully compliant with all CompactFlash™ Association specifications and guaranteed to be 100% compatible with all CFII devices. Designed with Delkin's 256Mbit flash technology, the CompactFlash™ Type II offers consumers almost double the megabyte capacity over today's highest capacity CompactFlash cards. The eFilm™ 224MB CFII was constructed to give consumers the ability to store more high-resolution pictures, longer MP3 audio files, and save larger documents from laptops or handheld PC's. Delkin Devices has remained dedicated to not only engineering higher technology flash memory cards, but actually being the first to deliver superior quality products to customers in a time frame unmatched by the industry.

The thicker 5.0mm CompactFlash™ Type II is compatible with all CFII slots and PC ATA Type II slots (with the use of an eFilm PC Card adapter) in megapixel digital cameras, handheld PC's with Windows® CE Pro Edition, laptops, PC's, MP3 players, and other CompactFlash™ Type II compliant devices. Additionally, CompactFlash cards are backward compatible - allowing earlier 3.3mm CompactFlash cards to be used in all CFII slots.

"We've engineered the 224MB CompactFlash Type II with the latest in flash technology, providing a true sustained transfer rate of 1.4MB/sec. Delkin is currently in the process of doubling this transfer rate to 3.0MB/sec, that will be available in Q1 of 2000," said Arthur Blanck, Delkin Devices Chief Technical Officer. "Delkin has been able to increase the CFII capacity through our revolutionary 'folding' rigid-flex circuit allowing three physical layers of flash memory chips be attached on the PCB board, after being folded in half. This solid state form allows CompactFlash Type II cards to operate at less than one-tenth (40mA) of the power of rotating disk CF Type II cards on the market, allowing Delkin's CompactFlash Type II to take more pictures with one set of camera batteries."

CFII compliant digital cameras like the new Nikon D-1 and the Epson PhotoPC 850z produce extremely large files of higher resolution pictures, taking up an enormous amount of memory capacity. "Ever since megapixel cameras reached the market, photographers have been looking for a rugged memory card that could safely store all their pictures," explains Mark Pearce, VP of Sales/Marketing for Delkin Devices. "Delkin's solution is the eFilm™ CompactFlash Type II with 224MB's of solid state storage, providing consumers with digital camera memory for hundreds of high quality images, and a higher data protection and durability than hard drive CF Type II cards."

Delkin engineers tested the new 224MB CompactFlash Type II in the labs with the Epson PhotoPC 850z. This 2.11 megapixel digital camera has a resolution of 1984 x 1488. The tests resulted in 3,312 pictures in Standard mode, 643 Super Fine mode, and 321 pictures in Uncompressed mode. These CompactFlash Type II results are double (in some instances triple) the current storage capacity of most CompactFlash™ cards on the market. For a complete list of digital cameras, PDA's, H/PC's and audio recording devices that use Delkin Device cards, please call 1-800-637-8087 and ask for the eFilm™ Cross Reference Guide, or log on to