DxO is bringing its OpticsPro software to Apple's consumer-friendly Photos software for OSX. This $10 extension for Apple's Photos app gives users full access to all of DxO's Optics Modules, which can correct optical distortion and aberrations as well as improving dynamic range and removing haze from landscapes.

Also introduced is a free Photos extension for users of DxO's ONE camera, which offers the same features mentioned above and supports the camera's SuperRAW files.

Both extensions are available for download now from the Mac App Store. Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or later is required in order to use Photos.

Press release:

DxO OpticsPro for OS X Photos extensions add powerful one-click corrections to Apple’s OS X El Capitan

DxO’s renowned RAW image processing now available to Mac users as an extension to Apple’s Photos app.

PARIS and SAN FRANCISCO—December 22, 2015—DxO announced today the immediate availability of two new extensions for OS X El Capitan, DxO OpticsPro for OS X Photos and DxO OpticsPro for OS X Photos - DxO ONE Camera Only, that provide DxO’s advanced image processing within Apple Photos. DxO OpticsPro for OS X Photos adds seamless access to tens of thousands of DxO Optics Modules that enable DxO’s unrivaled automatic optical corrections for distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration and lens softness for virtually all popular cameras and lenses. The extension is also available as a free download, designed exclusively to support RAW and SuperRAWTM images captured by the award-winning DxO ONE connected camera for iPhone and iPad. Both versions also feature simple, yet powerful one-click corrections that automatically improve white balance, dynamic range, reduce noise, and remove landscape haze to make your best photos look even better.

“By leveraging the new extensions in OS X El Capitan, we were able to provide Mac users with a streamlined workflow for their RAW images,” said Frédéric Guichard, co-founder and chief image scientist at DxO. “Photographers can now apply world renowned DxO OpticsPro technologies, such as Smart Lighting, ClearView, and PRIME to enhance their favorite images with no more than a click or two, and without ever leaving the Apple Photos app.”

DxO OpticsPro for OS X Photos is a paid download from the Mac App Store, which when installed automatically appears as an extension that can be accessed via the editing tools in Apple Photos. Launching the extension displays a deceptively simple, yet incredibly powerful user interface and includes access to all DxO Optics Modules currently supported by DxO’s advanced image processing software. The DxO Optics Modules automatically identify the camera and lens used to capture each photo, then use this information to instantly correct for a variety of optical flaws, such as distortion, chromatic aberration, vignetting, and lens softness.

Other corrections include: Smart Lighting (improves overall dynamic range), ClearView (instantly removes haze and smog from distant landscapes), and white balance. Users can modify the intensity of each correction in three simple levels. The extension also provides access to PRIME, the industry-leading denoising technology that analyzes thousands of neighboring pixels to remove noise while leaving important details untouched.

DxO ONE owners are invited to freely download and install the D xO OpticsPro for OS X Photos - DxO ONE Camera Only version that automatically applies these same advanced corrections to DxO ONE photos. When applied to a DxO ONE SuperRAWTM image, PRIME employs additional temporal noise reduction to render an amazingly clean, high-resolution photograph from the four RAW images embedded in each SuperRAW file.

Pricing & Availability

The DxO OpticsPro for OS X Photos extension, with support for tens of thousands of camera and lens combinations is available today at a special introductory price of $9.99/£7.99 via the Mac App Store.

The DxO OpticsPro for OS X Photos - DxO ONE Camera Only extension is available today as a free download via the Mac App Store for the DxO ONE.