We've seen hints / heard of this for quite a few weeks, and it's clear that Kodak Pro representative offices in different countries are handling this in different ways, but today Kodak US announced clear price cuts for their 560 & 660 DCS cameras in addition to previous price drops in the DCS range. They note "This new pricing is possible due to ongoing manufacturing efficiencies", but we know that competition is the real reason... The heat is on for Kodak and they're getting sweaty.

Here's what's new today:

  • Kodak DCS 560 & 660 down from $24,995 to $15,995

And previously announced:

  • Kodak DCS 330 down from $4,495 to $3,495
  • Kodak DCS 315 down from $2,995 to $1,795 (including 24-70mm lens)
  • Kodak DCS 620x for $6,400
  • Kodak DCS 620 for $6,000 (with anti-alias filter and power kit)
  • Kodak DCS 620 for $5,500 (with IR filter instead of anti-alias, power kit but no charger)

Here's the press release:

Kodak Professional Announces Dramatically Lower Prices On Selected Models in its Industry-Leading Digital Camera Line

Unsurpassed Value, Aggressive Pricing on DCS 660, 560, 620, 620x, 330, 315 Visit Kodak Professional at Booth #725

SAN FRANCISCO, August 29, --Professional photographers looking to make the move to digital imaging, or who have had their eye on a Kodak Professional digital camera, now have unprecedented access to the industry's leading digital cameras, thanks to new and dramatically lower pricing on selected models.

Through direct pricing action and a special arrangement with its authorized dealers in the United States, Kodak Professional is offering reduced prices on some of its most highly regarded cameras. Photographers will find aggressive pricing on the Kodak Professional DCS 660, 560, 620, 620x, 620 base kit, 330 and 315 digital cameras.

"This special pricing brings the recognized value and performance of Kodak Professional DCS cameras closer to many more photographers particularly those who have been waiting for the right opportunity to move to digital imaging," said G. Michael DeWoody, U.S. Marketing Director, Commercial Digital Products, Kodak Professional. "Now photographers don't have to make the trade-off between great quality and great price. Kodak can give them both."

Lower Prices, Highest Quality

Leading the way are the Kodak Professional DCS 660 and DCS 560 digital cameras. Recommended list prices on these high-end, 6-megapixel models have been cut from $24,995 to $15,995. This new pricing is possible due to ongoing manufacturing efficiencies, replacement of promotional programs such as the Apple G4 computer giveaway with direct-to-customer savings, and Kodak Professional's more aggressive stance in a competitive marketplace.

The recommended list price on the award-winning Kodak Professional DCS 330 Digital Camera, with 3-megapixel resolution and complete SLR functionality, is down $1,000 to $3,495. The recommended list price on the Kodak Professional DCS 315 Digital Camera has dropped $1,200 to $1,795. To sweeten this offer, the DCS 315 comes with a new 24-70mm IX-Nikkor lens at no extra charge.

Direct dealer incentives from Kodak mean lower prices as well on the Kodak Professional DCS 620 and 620x digital cameras, as well as the DCS 620 base kit. Photographers will now be able to purchase a rugged, high-performance DCS 620 digital camera, a DCS 620 base kit, or new DCS 620x digital camera with an ISO range of 400 to 6400 for many hundreds less.

These dealer incentives on the DCS 620 series models will be in place through October 15, 2000. Reduced prices offered under this program are available for this limited time in the U.S. only from authorized dealers of Kodak Professional DCS digital cameras.

DCS 660 and 560: Precision and Versatility
The DCS 660 and DCS 560 digital cameras deliver the high-resolution images required of a studio camera, and the portability and versatility required of an on-location camera. The DCS 660 (built on a Nikon F1 platform) and DCS 560 (built on a Cannon EOS-1N platform) offer the serious catalog, fashion, portrait, surveillance and aerial photographer an unprecedented imaging tool that accelerates workflow and without compromising image quality.

Featuring a 6-megapixel Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) sensor, a burst rate of one image per second and a flexible ISO range of 80-200, the DCS 660 and DCS 560 digital cameras extend the possibilities of high-end professional photography. They meet the demands of numerous photo applications and are no more difficult to use than their "host" film camera bodies.

DCS 620x: New Heights in Low Light
Photographers who shoot in changing and low-light conditions can reap the benefits of extremely high ISO settings up to 6400 with the new DCS 620x digital camera. The DCS 620x is changing the boundaries of digital action and location photography, thanks to a new imaging sensor, color filter array pattern and low-noise electronics. The result is high picture quality at extremely high ISO ranges.

DCS 620: Rugged Performer
The camera that transformed photojournalism, the DCS 620 digital camera is the first choice of real-time photographers capturing the action from the front lines to the sidelines. The DCS 620 fully supports Kodak Professional's unique Picture Protection system, and sets the standard for in-the-field performance and workflow integration.

The DCS 620 and 620x digital cameras feature a 2-megapixel ITO sensor, Nikon's durable F5 cast metal camera body, robust burst rate and burst depth, and a host of other critical functions and innovative capabilities required by professional photojournalists. The DCS 620 has a flexible ISO of 200 to 1600.

DCS 330: Superior Image Quality
The DCS 330 integrates Kodak digital imaging technology with the Nikon Pronea SLR subsystem, providing commercial, portrait and applied professional photographers with a quality digital alternative to medium-format and 35mm film cameras.

With its 3-megapixel Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) sensor and 9 MB file, the DCS 330 delivers benchmark color and image structure, along with the performance of Nikon functions and lenses for an unprecedented combination of image quality, camera features and price.

DCS 315: Affordable, Flexible
With its new list price, the DCS 315 digital camera is an ideal entry point for professional digital imaging. The DCS 315 is a 1.5-megapixel camera on a Nikon Pronea body. With its full SLR functionality and an integrated LCD for real-time image review and analysis, the DCS 315 provides advanced features at an affordable price.