A photographer has been reunited with her Canon PowerShot camera, six years after losing it in the ocean off Hawaii. The camera, which was in a waterproof housing, drifted for thousands of miles to the coast of Taiwan, where it was picked up by an employee of China Airlines. The airline identified its owner, Lindsay Scallion of Georgia, USA from photos on the memory card.

This is what a consumer-grade waterproof housing looks like after six years at sea. Lindsay Scallan's Canon PowerShot camera drifted thousands of miles from Hawaii to Taiwan.  Despite picking up some scuffs and stains on its voyage, the case apparently remained afloat, and the memory card was still readable when the camera was found last month. 

According to Hawaii News Now, when Scallan lost the camera, back in 2007, it was on a night scuba dive in Kaanpali - 'the seas were really rough. There was a lot of sand stirred up. It was hard to see'. Although she returned to the beach in the morning to see whether the camera had washed up, she went home empty-handed, assuming it had been lost forever.

Lindsay Scallan, pictured during a trip to Hawaii in 2007, during which she lost her Canon PowerShot camera.

Although she thought it was gone forever, the camera floated in its waterproof housing for six years, and several thousand miles, to the coast of Taiwan. This picture was recovered from its still-intact memory card. 

After getting Scallan's photographs from the still-intact memory card, representatives of Taiwan airlines tracked her down after searching through the records of a boat operator on the islands, and enlisting the help of Hawaii's tourism bureau. A representative of the airline called her and offered to fly her out to Taiwan to be reunited with the camera in person, but apparently work commitments mean that Scallan won't be able to make the trip.

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Nevertheless, the phonecall from Taiwan took Scallan by surprise, and 'brought back some good memories, and some pictures I'd forgotten I'd taken. It was great'. Unsurprisingly, Scallan says, 'I'm curious to see what else was on there'. 

From Hawaii News Now (via Petapixel)