Samsung has released another firmware update for the NX1 mirrorless camera, taking the model from firmware version 1.32 to 1.40. In addition to fixing unspecified minor bugs, the newest software both improves existing features, such as the audio quality from external microphones, and adds new features, including video digital image stabilization.

Other features include new maximum counts for 15 fps burst JPEG and Raw modes, and the ability to use auto focus while zooming. The latter feature is supported by six lenses and requires a lens firmware update.

  • Increased continuous maximum shot counts
  •    - 15fps JPEG : 70ea → 90ea
  •    - 15fps RAW  : 20ea → 25ea
  • Added Video DIS (except 120p, VGA size video)
  • Added AEL at M mode,  ISO Auto setting
  • Added Focus Peaking menu in button setting menu
  • Improved AF to work during zooming 
  •    (6 Supporting Lens : 16-50mm S, 50-150mm S, 16-50mm PZ, 18-55mm Ⅲ, 12-24mm, 50-200mm Ⅲ)
  •     ※ Please updated Lens together with Latest version
  •        Lens Firmware can be updated by iLauncher
  • Add Flash Exposure info. display on Live view Live view (when Flash is ON)
  • Improved battery display to show both internal & external remains together when vertical grip is mounted
  • Improved Playback speed of photo
  • Improved sound quality of external Mic. (only for Auto MIC Control OFF)
  • Overall fixed minor bugs