Adobe has announced updates across its lineup of Creative Cloud software. And, making the clearest distinction yet between its offerings for subscription versus 'perpetual' users, the updated software programs have all been rebranded with the appendage 'CC'. As with its previous Creative Cloud update, Adobe is not commenting on when or even if these updates will be made available to users who bought Photoshop CS6. Here's what's new for Creative Cloud members using Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop CC's headline feature is the Camera Shake Reduction tool that arrives as demoed earlier this year. This new tool has generated much attention because it seeks to correct specifically for image blur caused by unwanted camera movement, a virtual image stabilization, if you will.

Photoshop CC users can now access Camera Raw from the filters menu and apply the results to any layer. Making Camera Raw directly available eliminates the more cumbersome workflow in which users had to first open a Raw file as a Smart Object in order to adjust the changes to that layer without starting from scratch. And because it's a Filter, you can now apply Camera Raw's collection of tools to vector and video layers. Of course you can still open a file directly in Camera Raw as before. This latest version of Camera Raw also includes features introduced in the Lightroom 5 Beta, such as Upright, and the Radial Gradient.

Photoshop CC users who load the software on more than one computer - a desktop and laptop, for example - now gain the time-saving ability to sync their current Photoshop preferences across multiple devices. New upsampling algorithms that promise greater suppression of edge halos when resampling have been added to the Image Size menu. And Photoshop CC now includes all of the 3D and image analysis functionality that was previously exclusive to Photoshop Extended versions.