Pretec Electronics Corporation, the creator of CompactModem(TM) and Compact I/O(TM) card, will be demonstrating the 160MB CompactFlash(TM) (CF+) card, the highest capacity CompactFlash(TM) memory card available in the world today, at Microsoft Windows CE Developers Conference on June 6-9 at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.

Note that CF+ (or CF Type II cards) only fit into compatible
CF slots such as found on the Canon PowerShot Pro 70.

Pretec's 160MB CF+ card will be demonstrated by the Keynote Speaker of the Conference, Harel Kodesh, VP Productivity Appliance of Microsoft during the Keynote speech ``Windows CE 2001, A look in the Crystal Ball at the Future of Windows CE''. With the world's first 160MB CF+ memory card from Pretec, one (1) hour of MPEG movie or five (5) hours of MP4 music can be played by the upcoming Microsoft Pocket Media Player for Windows CE Palm-sized PC (PPC) such as Compaq Aero 2100, HP Jornada 420, Casio E-100, or Philips Nino-500. CompactSCAN(TM), another revolutionary laser-based bar code scanner in CompactFlash form factor developed by Pretec, will also be shown to the audience of more than 4000+ developers by Microsoft during the speech.

The 80MB CF+ card (announced in CES 99 at Las Vegas) is in production now. The 128MB CF+ card (demonstrated in CeBIT 99 at Hannover, Germany) and the160MB CF+ card demonstrated today, will start sampling by the summer. 320MB CF+ prototype will be available by Q4/99. Pretec's CompactFlash card offerings covers the capacity of 2MB, 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 48MB, 64MB, 80MB, 96MB, 128MB, 160MB, 192MB, 256MB, and 320MB.

Pretec's high capacity CF+ card is fully compliant with CompactFlash(TM) Type II specification (See more information at hardsoft/diskdrdl/ micro/d-spec-2.htm), and is compatible with IBM's microdrive - the smallest hard disk in the world ( microdrive). Based on the state-of-the-art 0.25um process technology, Multi-Level Cell (MLC) 256M/512M bit AND-gate architecture flash memory chips from Hitachi and Mitsubishi, and Pretec's proprietary controller technology, design and packaging capabilities, Pretec breaks its own record again by offering the highest capacity card in the world. By adding a CF+ adapter (available from Pretec now), this CF+ card can replace today's ATA Flash PC card in many applications.

Other than 160MB CF+ memory card and CompactSCAN, Pretec also displays various CF+ I/O cards in the Conference such as CompactModem(TM), CompactLAN(TM), CompactSerial(TM), CompactParallel(TM), CompactSSFDC(TM), and one early prototype of CompactGPS(TM), all of them the first of its kind in the world. With an optional CF+ adapter, all these CF+ cards originally designed for PPC, become full-fledged Type II PC cards, to be used in millions of notebook computers equipped with PC card slots.