Fuji has just announced an underwater housing for its '24-hour' camera, the six megapixel FinePix F10 Zoom that is waterproof up to a depth of 40 meters. The polycarbonate housing, which will be hard to lose with its bright orange coloring, offers full operational functionality underwater and the package includes a strap, spare o-ring and maintenance guide. The suggested retail price is around £149.

Press Release:

Sub-aqua stamina: 24-hour underwater protection for the FinePix F10 Zoom

Fujifilm today announced the arrival of a durable underwater housing unit for the hugely popular FinePix F10 Zoom.

Set to be a sub-aqua hit this summer, the brightly coloured polycarbonate casing provides a smart, waterproof shield for the FinePix F10 Zoom at depths of up to 40 metres.

Whether you're about to embark on the journey to Atlantis or create your own adventure at a Florida water park, this high impact casing is precision-engineered to withstand the elements. Furthermore, it features a large, fast-response shutter button, as well as easy-to-use controls, so you can access everything the camera has to offer without the worry of water damage.

Lending itself well to the variable lighting and unstable conditions of the undersea environment, the six megapixel FinePix F10 Zoom boasts a new 'Real Photo Processor' that achieves a sensitivity rating of ISO 1600 at full resolution. This means that clear, noise-free images are captured without the need for an external flash, so marine life won't be disturbed when photographed. What's more, the camera's impressive 500-shot battery life means the only thing you'll be coming to the surface for is air.

Need to get closer to sea life specimens? This smart underwater unit provides the camera's 3x optical zoom lens with the protection and clarity it needs to deliver crisp detail in all your underwater scenes. What's more, it shelters the FinePix F10 Zoom's high definition, 2.5-inch LCD screen whilst still allowing you to admire your high-quality images and movie clips instantly - as well as giving you the freedom to edit photos when you're on the move.

Tania Payne, Digital Accessories Product Manager, Fujifilm, said, "The FinePix F10 Zoom's combination of 500-shot battery life and high sensitivity range make it the perfect tool for capturing accurate images of the deep blue. With this in mind, we have introduced an ergonomic and buoyant underwater casing to further enhance the camera's versatility, as well as give the user full control over the F10 in challenging environments."

FinePix F10 Zoom Underwater Housing features at a glance:

  • Pressure resistance: 40 metres
  • Made from tough, transparent polycarbonate
  • Dedicated design retains full camera functionality when sealed
  • FL reinforced glass lens window
  • 135mm x 102mm x 92mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 325g (excluding camera and accessories)

Package includes:

  • Waterproof case
  • Hand/wrist strap
  • Silicon grease
  • Silica gel
  • Balance weight
  • Spare O-ring
  • Unlocker/O-ring remover
  • Quick maintenance guide
  • Owner's manual