PMA 2001: Kodak today has announced a reduction in price of the DC4800 to $599, they're also touting the advantages of the 1.04 firmware which improves low light performance (most DC4800 owners who read this site will more than likely already be running this firmware).

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Press release:

Kodak DC4800 Digital Camera Capturing More Than Images; 3.1 Megapixel Model Winning Praise from Pros

Price Reduced to $599; New Firmware Upgrade Improves Picture-Taking In Low-Light

ORLANDO, Fla., February 11 -- Since its launch last summer, the Kodak DC4800 digital camera has been capturing digital pictures around the world. In the process, it's also captured more than a few accolades from professional photographers.

With a recently reduced price of $599 (suggested retail), the DC4800 features 3.1 megapixel resolution and a sleek design with a pop-up built-in flash. A recent firmware upgrade to version 1.04 enhances picture-taking in low-light conditions (available at The company has also added Windows Millennium support for this camera.

"We knew we had a great camera, but it's always wonderful to have that belief endorsed by photographers who are really using it in the field," said Willy Shih, president of Kodak's Digital and Applied Imaging group. "The DC4800 has the range of features to satisfy pros and the ease-of-use to appeal to consumers. That's a real winning combination."

Building a Rep in the Field

Professional photographers are singing the praises of the lightweight and versatile camera.

"The camera produces incredible image quality," said Al Francekevich, a studio advertising photographer from New York City. "I made a number of 11" x 17" prints and simply marveled at the sharp detail and brilliant color. I now use the DC4800 camera to shoot professional portraits and family photos and to create specialty items like invitations."

Vincent Versace, a natural light photographer from Los Angeles said, "The DC4800 possesses a superb user interface. You certainly do not have to be a digital photography expert when you pick up the DC4800. The camera actually helps you become one."

A photojournalist from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Tony O'Brien was taken by the sophisticated design of the DC4800. "The DC4800 camera is superbly designed," he said. "Its light weight and unobtrusive body, reminiscent of a traditional single lens reflex camera, belie its high-tech functionality. I'm amazed at what the camera can do."

Debbie Caffery, a fine arts photographer, enjoys the camera's flexibility. "This camera is perfect for shooting stock images. It gives me many options for creativity and control in my work. The fact that I can shoot in color, black and white or sepia is fabulous."

And finally, nature and wildlife photographer Tim Davis was succinct in explaining why he preferred shooting with the DC4800: "Creative control, intuitive design and ease-of-use make the DC4800 camera a real winner," he said.