In response to all the controversy that its move to a subscription payment system created, Adobe had promised that it would find ways to ensure Creative Cloud customers' work wasn't 'held-hostage' if they let their subscription lapse. This was particularly pertinent for users of Photoshop Lightroom - since it arranges your images and the corrections made to them in a database.

Now, Adobe has confirmed that its latest Lightroom update has made it possible for subscribers to keep accessing their images and edits, and continue using some limited functions of Lightroom once a license for it has ended. Core functions: notably the ability to use the Develop module, are unavailable once the subscription lapses, but users retain the ability to view, organize and export images. The Quick Develop module is also still available for use.

While this in itself is a considerable concession to those users unhappy with the subscription model, it should be noted that even after moving to subscriptions Lightroom remains available as a standalone product. Lightroom 5 is currently available with a 'perpetual license' for $79 as an upgrade or $149 for a full version. 

Still, this should be especially comforting to Lightroom users who were worried about losing access to their work after canceling a CC subscription. As stated in a brief blog post, Adobe has made an effort to fulfill its promise to let users maintain access to their images and edits regardless of their subscription status. They've also gone an extra step in allowing very basic edits via the Quick Develop module. After a license expires, customers can purchase Lightroom separately and maintain all of the collections, keywords, slideshows and so forth that they created with the licensed software or at the very least continue to access their work without an active license.

It's been suggested by DAM website That DAM Book that you could even get something for nothing here by downloading the free Lightroom trial, but after the trial period ends the software essentially becomes an asset management tool with basic editing capabilities.