Canon EOS R5 at WPPI
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Canon EOS R5 at WPPI

The upcoming Canon EOS R5 was on display at the company's booth at the 2020 WPPI Expo in Las Vegas, so we stopped by (and nudged our way past other attendees as politely as possible) to get a closer look. The representatives present at the booth couldn't provide any details beyond the development announcement; "what's been published is all we know," was the common refrain. In case you missed it, here's what we know:

  • Newly designed CMOS sensor (we're guessing ~40MP)
  • In-camera image stabilization
  • 20 fps continuous shooting (silent shutter)
  • 12 fps continuous shooting (mechanical shutter)
  • 8K video capture
  • Twin card slots

Still, we took some photos to get a better idea of what Canon's done ergonomically to its upcoming full-frame mirrorless model.

We can see right away that the grip is deeply sculpted, with an almost-certainly customizable function button near the lens mount. Just behind the 'EOS R5 DEVELOPMENT ANNOUNCEMENT' label there's another port door that's hard to see, but may conceal a socket for a remote release or wireless transmitter.