Delkin Devices are now shipping their USB 6-in-1 card reader/writer. The 6-in-1 reader/writer supports CompactFlash (Type I or II), IBM Microdrive (CF Type II), SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard, SD and Sony MemoryStick. Because the unit complies to the 'mass storage device' standard it does not need drivers for most modern operating systems which understand this protocol. Drivers are included for other operating systems.


Poway CA, June 3, 2002: Delkin Devices, a leading US manufacturer of high performance specialty memory products and accessories since 1986, is shipping its new eFilm™ 6-in-1 multi-card Reader/Writer. Reader/Writers have become very popular with the digital photography enthusiast looking for a fast and easy way to transfer pictures from a camera to a computer without using batteries. Most Readers/Writers on the market are designed to read specific flash memory card formats, but the new eFilm 6-in-1 is one of the industries first external single unit connectivity devices able to read six different types of memory cards - CompactFlash, IBM Microdrive, SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard, SD, and Sony MemoryStick. The 6-in-1 Reader/Writer is USB Mass Storage Compliant and will join Delkin's full line of single and dual Reader/Writers as the Reader-18. An internal version (Reader-19), designed for white boxes and kiosks, will also be available. Drivers are not required for either Windows Millennium or XP, and are included for Mac OS 8.6-9 and both Windows 98 and 2000.

The unit's features include the ability to have concurrent access of both slots at a time (CF in one and either MMC-SD/MS/or SM in the other), while also allowing you the option to suspend and resume during the transfer operation. The 6-in-1 also supports DFU (Device Firmware Upgradeable), which enables Firmware to be upgraded at any time, so product enhancement through future firmware versions is possible. A unique feature of the 6-in-1 design is the "soft touch" over-molding process that Delkin utilizes. Rather than use a two-piece injected mold like most Reader/Writers, their single piece over-molding process results in a more stable and durable product. This tamperproof design is able to absorb more shock and is less likely to get damaged because of handling. Delkin recently also came out with an economic line of single-slot of eFilm Reader/Writers to go with the new multi-slot 6-in-1.

Based in San Diego California, Delkin's line of eFilm™ Digital Camera products and accessories has long been an industry leader in media storage for both the OEM and the consumer markets. eFilm flash memory cards come in CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia, SD Card, and PC Card formats. . President and CEO, Martin J. Wood, credits their success to a long standing dedication to high quality products, innovative design, and never losing sight of their customers needs. Delkin designs, manufactures, and markets all of their memory boards in-house and all Delkin memory cards are 100% compatible, guaranteed, and come with a Lifetime Warranty. Wood emphasizes, "Delkin's aim is to exceed our customer's expectations in every way. Every member of Delkin Devices will strive for total customer satisfaction." Delkin designs most of their boards with four or six-layer construction. Wood explains that this costs more, but it makes for a longer lasting, more reliable product. "We'll never cut corners at our customer's expense; all our boards are made from high quality components. We're committed to making a quality product and delivering on time."

Delkin's digital photography product line grew out of their initial success in manufacturing office automation products for OEM's. They continue to be one of the leading US manufacturers for memory upgrades in copiers, faxes, printers, and networking equipment - in addition to Internet related memory for communications equipment and dual inline memory modules.