We're thrilled by the submissions that we've already received and are putting out the final call for images to be included in our first-ever DPR community sample gallery. As a refresher, we're looking for Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and (newly included!) S20 Ultra photos. By submitting your photos for consideration, you're helping us understand these complex imaging devices better – and your photography will potentially be seen by tens of thousands of your fellow DPR readers.

To be considered, images should be uploaded to your DPR gallery with the tag s20-gallery. We're looking for full-resolution images without post-processing – straight out of the native camera app is best. You can also rest assured that our gallery terms and conditions apply: you retain your image copyright (more detail below).

Head to your gallery page and
upload images

We respect your copyright and intellectual property. By uploading your image to your gallery you agree to allow dpreview to host, link to and subsequently display the image on our website for the purpose of providing the service. Images marked as public may appear on the gallery home page and other gallery widgets from time to time. We acknowledge the copyright and ownership of the image remains yours, and you represent and warrant that you are the sole owner of all intellectual property rights in the image.