Pre-PMA 2002: 00:01 EST: As a part of our coverage of Foveon's X3 sensor technology this news article is a reproduction of a technology overview presentation provided by Foveon in its standard press kit. This overview summarises the method of the existing mosaic sensors and the way in which the new X3 sensor works.

Three Foveon X3 articles: Press release, Technical Overview, Exclusive Hands-On

Patent 5,965,875

Back in October 1999 Foveon filed patent 5,965,875 which clearly describes the technology behind the X3 sensor, it's essentially a stack of silicon doped to absorb different wavelengths of light.

Click here for Patent 5,965,875

Click here for associated images and diagrams (very interesting)

Overview presentation

Apologies, some of the text on these reduced-size images may be a little hard to read, but it was the only way to provide as much information as possible. More information on the Foveon website.