Zeiss has introduced a new line of lenses aimed at the industrial and scientific sectors but certain to appeal to a certain section of the photographic community with their high performance and retro styling. Zeiss has chosen to release these new optics with Nikon's F-mount as this is "the most commonly used standard camera adapter in the technical area". The first available designs will be the 25mm f/2.8, 28mm f/2 and 35mm f/2 with more to follow. Aside from the rather fetching satin chrome finish and locking screws for focus and aperture, this premium line is also sealed against dust ingress and water spray. Prices and availability have not yet been announced but don't expect them to be cheap. Click through for a peek at the Distagon T* 2.8/25 ZF-I.

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Press release:

Zeiss Introduces ZF-I Lens Series

High-quality optics for precise technical solutions

OBERKOCHEN/Germany, 06.11.2007. What professional photographers feel enthusiastic about we at Carl Zeiss do not want to keep from other users of lenses for technical applications. With the new ZF-I series, Carl Zeiss has launched a line of high-quality lenses which are optimized for the challenging tasks in industrial applications.

The imaging properties of the ZF-I lenses are just as excellent as those of the high-end ZF lenses. The silver metal finish immediately identifies the industrial version. Furthermore, the ZF-I series is particularly suitable for rough technical applications. The lenses are protected against spray water and specially sealed against dust.

In addition to classical image capturing, the new lenses can also be used for machine vision, quality assurance and near-range photogrammetry. Both the aperture setting and focus can be locked for these tasks. For this purpose, the lenses are supplied with five locking screws which enable reliable locking of the adjustments once they have been set. Measuring inaccuracies and errors are thus reduced, and there is no need to waste time checking the settings.

The first lenses available in this new industrial line are the wide-angle Distagon T* 2,8/25 ZF-I, Distagon T* 2/28 ZF-I and the Distagon T* 2/35 ZF-I. All lenses offer the proverbial imaging performance and color fidelity associated with the ZEISS standard and feature the F-bayonet – the most commonly used standard camera adapter in the technical area.

Zeiss Distagon T* 2,8/25 ZF-I