CES 2001: JVC has announced two new digital cameras, the GC-QX5HD an GC-QX3HD. The difference between the two cameras isn't at first apparent apart from the 5HD coming with 16MB SmartMedia (vs. 8MB of the 3HD), a supplied film copier with the 5HD and a 6 megapixel interpolation mode. One interesting feature of both cameras is HDTV output (1080 interlaced lines) for display on high resolution TV monitors.


Something else which will interest those of you who have experimented with this in Photoshop, both cameras have a "Dynamic Range Pro-Still Mode" which takes two exposures and "stacks" them to produce a far wider dynamic range image (something we've been doing with bracketing and Photoshop for some time).

Press release:


JVC Continues To Lead Industry With HDTV Output and High Resolution in Consumer Camera

Las Vegas, NV (CES, January 6-9, 2001) – JVC triumphantly follows last year’s debut of JVC’s first 3.3 Megapixel CCD Digital Still Camera with two new powerhouses -- the GC-QX5HD and GC-QX3HD. Upping the ante once again, both of these 3.3 Megapixel digital still cameras offer 1080i HDTV output as well as many other advanced features.

High Caliber Digital Still Consumer Camera

JVC has truly broken ground with its new 3.3 Megapixel GC-QX5HD and GC-QX3HD cameras, which deliver remarkably sharp, color-rich images. These stylish cameras are easy-to-use but loaded with professional-style features. Even amateurs will effortlessly be able to produce moving video e-mail and high-impact still images.

All of JVC’s Digital Still Cameras offer high-storage capacity on small, high-speed SmartMedia™ cards.

Both Models Deliver Exceptional HDTV Picture Quality

Architected to the same rigorous standards as the top-of-the-line model GC-QX5HD, JVC’s GC-QX3HD offers high definition output and superior quality and accuracy. Both models offer the same 3.3 Megapixel CCDs, 1080i HDTV output and Hi-contrast 2.3x Zoom for superior imaging. Another common feature synonymous with both is 200,00-pixel 2-inch Color LCD of TFT Polycrystalline Silicon construction, delivering a smooth 30 frames-per-second smooth image. Each offers Program Auto Exposure and Aperture Priority Auto Exposure for faultless imaging.

High Definition Output Generates Stunning Photos

Both these Digital Still Cameras feature a Y, Pb, Pr component output which yields 1080 interlaced scanning lines for true HD-quality and permits direct viewing of 2032 x 1536-pixel, high-resolution images without resizing. Connection cables are included so transferring high-resolution images to and from the Internet or onto videotape is remarkably simple and easy.

Superior Color Accuracy

Engineered to be the best consumer digital still cameras, JVC’s GC-QX5HD and GC-QX3HD deliver superb color accuracy via a Bayer Array RGB filter (Phil: DUH?). This high-performance filter controls color accuracy, signal-to-noise ratio and broad luminance dynamic range for extraordinary bright colors.

Noise Reduction Pro-Still

Both the GC-QX5HD and GC-QX3HD make use of JVC’s Noise Reduction Pro-Still Mode which relies on the multiple CCD exposure of the cameras to eliminate noise and raise the signal-to-noise ratio by 9 dB.

Since multiple exposures are taken from the CCD, the cameras are able to stack the images and determine which parts of the data are random noise and which parts are true components of the image. The random noise components are then canceled out. This ability to electronically eliminate noise artifacts effectively raises the signal-to-noise ratio and improves the picture quality.

Professional-Grade Features

JVC’s GC-QX5HD and GC-QX3HD boast professional-grade features like optical zoom and glass aspherical lenses for incredible high-definition picture quality. Both cameras use a 2.3x optical/7.1 max digital zoom with two glass aspherical-surface lenses (F2.8 - 3.8) so even far-away shots are crisp and detailed. Additionally, they have a built-in auto flash with red-eye reduction, which makes images look better in any lighting environment. Automatic and manual settings with three-step ISO sensitivity settings with exposure and white balance controls ensure exacting and breathtaking photographic results.

20-Second Moving Video Clip

Photographers will love the special features of both new cameras to record a 20-second video clip with sound. Both the GC-QX5HD and GC-QX3HD cameras download and store video information as a JVC Video Player file.

Built-in proprietary software by JVC uses ultra-small files sizes for sending “e-mail friendly” video without hassles. Compact 200 kB files can transfer full-motion video files in about 20 seconds, with the cameras offering a total video/software package of 600 kB. Now shooters can quickly upload and download pictures and transfer files to friends without jamming their hard drives. During image capture, users can choose from three selectable image sizes: 2032 x 1536 (QXGA class), 1024 x 768 (XGA) and 640 x 480 (VGA), using the larger size for high-resolution prints and the smaller size for capacity sensitive e-mail. Now JVC customers can easily and economically send moving images with sound around the globe via the Internet!

Quick Response Time Sets JVC Apart

JVC’s incredible speed between functions lets you achieve maximum performance with minimum wait. Whether you are booting up the camera, moving between shooting modes or zooming in for the perfect set-up, JVC’s GC-QX5HD and GC-QX3HD are engineered to switch gears instantaneously.

Less Than Three Second Start-Up

No more standing around, waiting for the cameras to power up. It takes less than three seconds from power-up to standby with the GC-QX3HD and GC-QX5HD so you are always ready to capture the moment.

Intra-Mode Switching is Fast

The new cameras switch from Shooting Mode to Image Playback in less than one second. Now you can review your pictures on the LCD screen swiftly, so you know instantly if you’ve got the picture you wanted. No more annoying “acquiring image” messages.

Flagship GC-QX5HD Is At Pinnacle of Technology

JVC’s revolutionary Digital Still Camera line is lead by the GC-QX5HD 3.3 Megapixel CCD camera, offering professional-type features including three Professional Still Modes, 6 Megapixel Film Copy Mode, 1080i HDTV Output, High-Contrast Zoom and the ability to attach video clips with sound for email. Never before has a Digital Still Camera offered so much freedom and creative opportunity!

Superior Imaging Via JVC’s Advanced Pixel Shifting Technology

The GC-QX5HD offers advanced pixel shifting technology to maximize the CCD’s potential, delivering a high color resolution equivalent to 6 million pixels. Via precision optics and electronic circuitry, the image is double exposed and simultaneously shifted up one pixel. As a result of this pixel-shifting method, 100% of the green pixel information is acquired – not mathematically interpolated. This unique method eliminates interpolation in the vertical direction and half of the interpolation in the horizontal direction. Because more image data is acquired – not interpolated – the GC-QX5HD provides superior color accuracy over those cameras, which rely solely on interpolation and results in even greater color accuracy.

NEW! 6 Megapixel Film Copy Mode

JVC’s premiere GC-QX5HD Digital Still Camera uniquely features a 6 Megapixel Film Copy Mode, an easy and inexpensive way to digitize images right in the box. The Film Copy attachment is provided with the camera for simple conversion of films, slides and negatives into digital stills. Now, thanks to JVC’s high-performance 6 Megapixel Pro-Still mode, even beginners can achieve professional-grade photos.

NEW! Dynamic Range Pro-Still Mode

Another of JVC’s new image optimizing features available only on the GC-QX5HD is Dynamic Range Pro-Still Mode (DR), which averages the data of light and dark exposures to triple the dynamic range. In DR Pro-Still Mode, the camera literally “stacks” the data captured by two exposure levels (one bright and one dark) to accurately reproduce all areas of the picture, from bright to dark. Because multiple exposures of the same image are used, all of the Pro-Still modes are intended for use with tripod shooting on still objects.

Create a Digital Scrapbook

Another special effect offered by the GC-QX5HD is Multiple Layer Collage. This sophisticated function lets you mask and layer images without the need for a PC and additional software. Shoot a background, such as a landscape. Shoot another image, such as a person, on a light-color background. The camera gives you the creative freedom to superimpose the two images and add unlimited new elements to the image. Because the camera stores all images on SmartMedia™ removable storage cards, it’s easy and fun to make your own digital scrapbook!

Added Value Software Package

Both Digital Still Cameras are bundled with three valuable software packages for a complete one-box solution. The family of software packages includes: Presto! Mr. Photo for image cataloging and Web-ready HTML files; Presto! PhotoAlbum for decorating photos with various templates; and Presto! ImageFolio for professional-style retouching with mask and layer support. Now amateurs and professionals alike can enjoy the creative experience even more!

Easy Connect to Printers, Monitors and Cameras

Both of JVC’s new Digital Still cameras provide exceptionally versatile interface options, essential for hooking up the GC-QX5HD or GC-QX3HD to HDTV monitors, PCs, video devices or printers. Input/Outputs include USB, HDTV, video output and high-speed interface for JVC’s GV-SP2 printer. For data-rich storage, the GC-QX3HD offers a 16 MB SmartMedia™ interface while the GC-QX5HD offers 8MB capacity of storage.

Simple, Rapid Image Transfer

Images are transferred from the camera to the PC through a high-speed Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection or directly from the SmartMedia™ card to the PC via an optional “Flash Path” floppy adapter or card reader. There is an exclusive high-speed interface on the cameras that connects to the optional JVC GV-SP2 printer for frameless 4 x 6 prints. By using the Digital Photo Ordering Format (DPOF), users can set the amount of copies of each print from the camera’s menu for a true one-stop photo shop!

Elegant Brushed Aluminum Body is Attractive

Beautiful to look at and simple to use, the GC-QX5HD and GC-QX3HD boast ergonomic designs in an elegantly styled package with a brushed aluminum front and graphite-reinforced polymer back.

Availability and Pricing

  • The JVC GC-QX5HD is currently available at a Nationally Advertised Value of $999.95.
  • The GC-QX3HD is currently available at a Nationally Advertised Value of $899.95.