Printing in 3D is in the news a lot lately, but applications are usually limited to industrial prototypes. A company called Captured Dimensions has a different use for this technology. They've rigged 60 DSLRs in a 360 degree array to capture 3D portraits. The likeness is then printed using a substance containing gypsum powder, resulting in a 3D sculpture of 1/12 to 1/5 scale.

To create the statues, all 60 cameras are remotely triggered to fire every shutter simultaneously. The images are processed, and 5-6 weeks later, a 3D statue is mailed to you. The statues are produced to scale rather than an absolute size to avoid awkward mismatched sizes when, say, a family has their portraits taken. All told, the smallest full-body statue will cost $445; a larger 1/5 scale statue costs $2,295.