4K video
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4K video

In terms of 4K capture, the camera can't produce over-sampled 4K from its 8K footage, so you'll have to do that in 'post if you wish. Instead it offers pixel-binned 4K from the full width of its sensor at up to 60p, or up to 120p with a 1.1x crop. These can be captured as up to 10-bit 4:2:2.

4K footage can also be shot with Active Steadyshot stabilization, which adds digital correction on top of the in-body stabilization's effect. This is not available in 8K. Information from the camera's gyro sensors is written as metadata into the video clips, which can be used to provide more effective stabilization, during the edit.

Oversampled 4K is available in Super35 mode, which uses 5.8K capture. 4K footage can be saved with a choice of XAVCS HS (H.265) or XAVC S-I All-I (H.264) formats.

A 16-bit ~4K Raw video stream made from 4.3K capture is available in parallel with all shooting modes. We don't have details of which recorders will work with this stream but the Atomos Ninja V saving as ProResRAW seems likely.