In photos: Where the wild things are
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In photos: Where the wild things are

An owl in mid-flight, a polar bear peering from under icy waters, to a monkey being blasted by snow are some of the winning images from this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. 

Elephants surrounding a watering hole in Botswana's Northern Tuli Game Reserve by South African photographer Greg du Toit was the overall winner in the 2013 contest (see above photo).  

'I've wanted to create an image that captures their special energy and the state of consciousness that I sense when I’m with them. This image comes closest to doing that', he says. du Toit got the shot by hiding in a sunken freight container and used a polarizing filter with his white balance set to a cool temperature. 

The competition is put on by the U.K.'s Natural History Museum and BBC Worldwide. 

Check out some of the 2013 winners in our gallery. Think you have a better photo? The 2014 call for entries starts on Dec. 9, 2013