Professional Photographer Rob Galbraith has been busy contacting representitives of Kodak and Canon to lay to rest some rumours around Canon's answer to Nikon's D1 and the supply of EOS1n and F5 bodies to Kodak for their DCS520/560 & DCS620/660.

Rob Says: "The rumour mill has been in full swing over the holiday season. A number of you have written in requesting additional information about Canon's answer to the Nikon D1 as well as the discontinuation of the DCS 620, DCS 520 and EOS D2000."

Here are the four rumours:

  • Rumour #1: Canon has discontinued the EOS D2000.
  • Rumour #2: Canon has ended their agreement to supply modified EOS1n bodies to Kodak.
  • Rumour #3: Kodak has stopped ordering modified F5 bodies from Nikon in anticipation of discontinuing the DCS 620.
  • Rumour #4: Canon will soon introduce, and shortly thereafter start to ship, a pro digital camera that will surpass the D1 in every way, including price.

For the answers to these rumours (or at least Rob's angle on them) click here