We've just posted our full in-depth review of Olympus's five megapixel E-20. The E-20 is unique (along with the E-10) with its implementation of a prism which splits the image from the lens between the viewfinder and CCD. This allows the E-20 to produce a live view image on the LCD monitor as well as a TTL viewfinder. The E-20 enters a market with competition from Minolta and Sony, something the E-10 didn't face when first released. Just how well did the E-20 do against its peers?

Review note: This review is missing one of our standard sections; a head-to-head image quality comparison with a specific competitive or similar camera. This is because I planned to compare the E-20 to Nikon's Coolpix 5000. As I haven't yet received a Coolpix 5000 I can't yet carry out this comparison. As soon as a 5000 arrives I'll add the comparison page and update the conclusion as necessary.

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