Benjamin Von Wong posted photos and a video from his impressive Paris photoshoot that combined fire, fireworks, and models into some dramatic imagery. 'Since we were messing around with consumable effects,' said VonWong in his blog, 'each time we started a burn I had to be ready to constantly change up my camera settings to be able to compensate for the lighting conditions.'

VonWong joined pyrotechnician Andrey DAS and designer Virginie Marcerou in Paris for the shoot, inviting anyone to attend, resulting in around 60 visitors throughout the evening.

We’ve posted the video from his blog that gives some of the flavor of the shoot. Proceed to his site to see more about the difficulties he encountered, including the very cold temperatures, and the techniques and equipment he used to overcome them. (via FStoppers)

Check out the video from Von Wong's impressive Paris photoshoot

Von Wong's recent shoot combined fire, fireworks, and models for some dramatic imagery.