Jeffrey Reeves' North Carolina landscapes are a staple on his Instagram feed.

From the foggy streets of San Francisco to the forests of North Carolina, Jeffrey Reeves' mobile photography style is ethereal and evocative. On top of taking some of the best pet photos on Instagram, Reeves constantly posts shots of skateboarders as well as some street photography. While his photos with pets and people are great, it's Reeves' landscapes and cityscapes that really make his feed stand out.

Reeves' pets Frank the cat and Bohdi the lovable pitbull are regulars on his Instagram feed. His animal photography stands out in a social network full of poorly-lit, blurry pet pics.

Reeves, a graphic designer by trade, uses both his iPhone 4S and his Lumix DMC FH-25 with an Eye-Fi memory card to take photos for his Instagram account. He uses Snapseed for all cropping and color corrections but also loves Decim8, XnView PhotoFX, Blender, BlendCam and Colorsplash apps. 

We spoke with Reeves via email about how mobile photography affects his life.

How would you describe your mobile photography style?

Inspired by nature and reinterpreting it, and anything that catches my eye. I come from a Photoshop background and I can barely use a real camera so I guess I'm more of an editor/production designer turned amateur photographer.

What are your thoughts on mobile photography in general?

Love it! (Except for gratuitous selfies). I love doing things on my phone in minutes that took me hours in Photoshop just a few years ago. 

Reeves' San Francisco observations reveal an intimate glimpse of the big city.
Combining his North Carolina lanscapes with distorting apps like Decim8, Reeves gives a fresh perspective on the great outdoors.

You can check out more than 5,000 of Reeve's photos on his Instagram feed @jprrrrrrrr.

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