And then another $500 digital camera popped out from under a hedge.. The DC3400 "..closely resembles the popular Kodak DC280.." has a 2 megapixel CCD (1.92 megapixels effective) and 2 x optical zoom (sounds familiar). Anyone else get the feeling Kodak just aren't doing enough quickly enough?

Kodak Press Release: (or Kodak DC3400 Website)

Distinctive New Kodak DC3400 Zoom Digital Camera Offers Easy-to-Use Features, Stylish New Look, All at Affordable Price

ROCHESTER, N.Y.-August 1, 2000--With a lens that's perfect for "people pictures,'' colorful styling and extreme ease-of-use, the new Kodak DC3400 zoom digital camera is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to capture digital images of their favorite moments.

"More and more consumers are looking for a digital camera that they can use to capture their memories,'' said Philip Gerskovich, Kodak vice president and chief operating officer, Digital and Applied Imaging. "The Kodak DC3400 camera is aimed precisely at carrying out that important task. The camera's affordable and easy-to-use, and captures high quality images that will delight when they're printed even at 8 by 10 inches.''

The new DC3400 has a streamlined body, classic, sage green grips, a silvery green finish and closely resembles the popular Kodak DC280. A versatile zoom lens helps make those images look as good as possible. The 2X optical zoom (38 to 76 mm) is perfect for group shots as well as individual poses, and can be increased with a 3X digital zoom function. The camera also offers macro mode for focusing as close as 9.8 inches. A built-in electronic flash offers auto, fill and red-eye reduction modes and has a 9.8 foot range. Plus, its 2-megapixel resolution captures high quality images suitable for everything from e-mailing to printing 8 x 10-inch prints.

Improved power consumption makes the Kodak DC3400 digital camera easier on batteries, while a special status LCD on the top of the camera makes it easy to see important camera settings.

For increased creativity and control, the camera can capture images in black and white or sepia. It also can add borders to images and has a special document mode for photographing text. Arc Soft PhotoImpressions 2000 software, included with the camera, makes it easy to correct and manipulate images.

The camera's easy-to-use interface makes it simple to take pictures "right out of the box,'' and it also enables simplified printing either at home or over the Internet through Print@Kodak.

The Kodak DC3400 zoom digital camera ships with an 8 MB CompactFlash memory card, USB (Universal Serial Bus) and serial cables, serial adapter for Macintosh computers, wrist strap, lens cap, four AA alkaline batteries and all necessary software. It is available now at a suggested price of $499.