Fujifilm has updated the firmware of its X-Pro1 high-end mirrorless camera and the three X-mount lenses that go with it. The updates make a series of changes, including a promise to reduce the aperture 'chattering' that has been common when using the camera. It also adds parallax-correction of frame lines to the optical viewfinder in manual focus mode, along with a series of bug fixes.

First impressions:

Out initial tests of the latest firmware show that, while the aperture continues to constantly adjust when the camera is switched on, the lenses no longer make an obvious chattering noise when doing so.

The addition of parallax correction to manual focus mode is less impressive though. The corrected framelines are only displayed when you half-press the shutter button, which is not terribly helpful for composing your image. Also, the selected focus area isn't corrected at all, meaning you effectively have to guess where the camera will try to focus if you press AEL/AFL to perform an AF acquisition.

X-Pro1 camera body firmware v1.01

Lens firmware for Fujfilm XF lenses