Pre-PMA 2007: Subsequent to our story earlier today Olympus has now shared some images of a mock-up of the upcoming E-1 successor (codename P-1) as well as the new lenses. As you can see the P-1 will not by default be as tall as the E-1, instead it has a form factor similar to the Nikon D200, although there will be a battery grip available. Also the camera has an articulating LCD screen.

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UPDATE 12/Mar/2007: Apparently Olympus Japan didn't much appreciate my photoshopped version of the 'P-1' without its battery pack, so have asked us to remove this image. It's bizarre because it's very clear that the battery pack is removeable and that the main 'body' of the camera is a similar form factor to cameras such as the Nikon D200. Maybe these prototype images are actually nothing like the final camera.

Olympus E-1 successor; codename P1 and new lenses

Image removed at Olympus Japan's request.