Polaroid camera repair and maintenance company Mint has introduced its own instant camera called the Mint Instantflex TL70. Fitted with a 65.4mm lens the camera offers aperture settings of f/5.6, f/8, f/16 and f/32 with an additional setting called f/bokeh – which creates a 5-pointed star shaped aperture. The Instantflex also has a flip-up flash unit housed on the backside of its nameplate above the viewing lens.

With much reference to the Rolleiflex 3.5F, the company says its new camera is 30% smaller than traditional TLRs due to the simplification of its knobs and buttons, but a good deal of the reduced size will also come down to smaller format it records on.

The camera doesn't use the full size Polaroid/Impossible Project film, but the Fuji Instax Mini 54x86mm type film that has an image area of 46x62mm. And more in line with the Lubitel TLR cameras, the Instantflex uses a 3-element lens. Closest focus is 48cm, while the shutter speed ranges from 1-1/500sec, with a B(ulb) setting that can hold the shutter open for up to 10 seconds. All exposures are controlled by the camera in auto mode, with a +/-1EV exposure compensation control to allow some manual variation.

The Mint Instantflex TL70 will cost $324/£212 when it becomes available in May.