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Page 7: FAQ, Revisions, References & Future


Before posting a question in the comments, please be so kind to check the FAQ. You are welcome to suggest or even submit FAQ entries. Any frequent questions I get in personal conversations or in the various places I post are added to here to increase efficiency for everybody involved.

Q1: Why is this Article focusing on Photography Enthusiasts and Fine Art Photographer. Isn't a good Photographic Workflow equally important to say Photo Journalists, Studio Photographers, Wedding Photographers, etc ?

A1: A Good Photographic Workflow is important for any serious photographic endeavor. Most information found in here are applicable to: ( Studio | Photo Journalism | Wedding ) Photography as well. However, my personal expertise is in Enthusiast and Fine Art Photography and I did not wanted to write about something which I am not very knowledgeable about. Say you are a wedding photographer and you are reading this Article which most of its information applies to you, then you come across about budget choices I made, you will understand why my budget as Enthusiast Photographer is significantly less than your budget as wedding photographer and you can put the information of this Article in context without seeing a conflict. If you are a skilled ( Studio | Photo Journalism | Wedding ) Photographer and like to contribute to the community and this Article series, you are welcome to write an Article about special considerations for your Discipline. Contact me through dpreview messages or post your link in a comment and I will link your Article in the Table of Content Page.

Q2: How can I ( that means you ) contribute ?

Create a Comment to this Article. First line the contribution name / topic / title. Create and empty line and the write your contribution. If you run out of space, create a reply to your original comment and add another 1000 characters. If you need more space, create another reply. Please try to avoid to create new comments for contiguous information on the main thread, as this will make reading comment and understand what is related to what more difficult. Thanks so much for your help! Without your help this Article series would not be possible!

Q3: What can I ( contributor ) do if I do not get feedback from you ( Author ) ?

Push me with a personal message using the dpreview message system. Please wait an appropriate amount of time. In the beginning of every Article I have a table giving response times. If I am overdue, please send me a message. It is possible I overlooked your comment. I have no tools to mark comments I have responded too or to see fresh ones, which are replies to old comments. So I need to look for the visually and your comment might have slipped through. I apologize in advance and appreciate your understanding and trying again through the message system. Thank you.

Q4: How can I help to promote this Project ?

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Revision History

The Revision History is maintained for your convenience. Say you did read this Article at a certain date and some information was either missing, or not yet complete or satisfactory for you, you could check again later in the Revision History to see if the part you are interested in has been updates since your last visit.


  • Initial Release of First Draft


  • Fixed bug in comparison table page 2, thanks to feedback luigibozi
  • Added more alternatives in Similar Tools Column on comparison table page 2
  • Created Pages:
    • Page 5: Possible Impact of Adobe's License change on Photographic Industry
    • Page 6: Requests for Comments ( Please help if you know the answer )
    • Page 7: FAQ & Revision History of this Article
  • Added Status table. This way the new reader can quickly understand the Status of the Article
  • Fixed lots of typos on the first page and tuned introduction
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  • Added Chapter: "Communication between Adobe and the Enthusiast Photography Community on dpReview" on page 1.

2013.05.15, 16

  • Case of writers block. But answered all posts of both days


  • Completed Page 5: Possible Impact of Adobe's License change on Photographic Industry
  • Answered all Posts of today
  • Changed the Title of the Article to: "Beating Photoshop's Rent Forever Cloud Trap"
    • Suggested Name change from Community to attract more readers and contributors
  • Removed the section in Page 1 that Adobe lowered cost for Creative Professionals. User feedback and some more thinking convinced me that this might not be true. Since I am not sure and since this is actually not the topic of this Article, I deleted this section.
  • Restructured Page 1 to me more legible and removed some typos and formatting problems.
  • Added Chapter: "Who is this Article for"
  • Added Chapter: "Adobe's Marketing success of FUDER makes Photographers jump ship" 
  • Added Chapter: "Consequences for Photographers"
  • Renamed some Pages to better match content and updated the navigation section on all pages accordingly
  • Shortened the page name in the Pull Down Page Menu
  • Added Future Section to Page 6
  • Adjusted all page Navigation to above change
  • Changed the Status from Draft to Release Candidate


  • Created Reference Section on the Last Page and compiled a list of links to great Articles
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  • answered all comments


  • Page 5:
    • included paragraph breaks as per Durk's suggestion
    • rewrote several paragraphs to support paragraph breaks
    • ordered the paragraphs with highest interest first and better flow of logic
    • rewrote the introduction to this page completely as per Durk's second suggestion. It was intended for page 1 but I though it might apply here as well
  • Page 1:
    • Changed FUDER into FUD 9.0 relating to fear of users that ACR 9.0 only available in Cloud

To Do List:

  • - Add pictures to lighten up the Layout. So maybe next thing is learn how to upload Images to the Gallery :-)
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  • - Anything else you want to be done in this Article, post a Request in Comments!
  • - Fix the broken Icon. Create an Icon for "Good Photography Workflow"



This concludes the writing of the First Article in this Series. It took me about a full week full time to write, including all research, developing the Structure of this Article series and having begun to start writing on about 20 more Articles in parallel. I will continue writing in parallel in the background using my writing tools and try to push at least one Article per week to such maturity to reach Draft Status so it can be published here as RFC in Rolling format. They will be linked in the Table of Content section in page 3. In case this Article was useful to you, you may want to bookmark it and come back something like every Sunday evening and see if there is a new Article published. To finish the whole series will take a while. On the other hand you may need time after each Article to rethink what you are doing and maybe implement some changes. Once more, comments are welcome and I will respond to every single one and when applicable add your input to this Article. Thanks so much for staying with me on such a long write up. If you stayed this far, I would very much appreciate if you clicked the "Like" Button of this Article in the bottom left. This is motivating me to continue writing and it helps others to find this Article. My special thanks go out to Durk Pearson and tdptdp.

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