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Page 4: RFC Format of Rolling Articles and Community Integration

Request for Comments

Please do comment. I promise I will reply to each single one and integrate as much as possible from your Comments into the ongoing Articles. 

Rolling Articles

Rolling Articles means that I publish an Article while it is still in a raw stage. You can see what I am working on and you can give feedback, such as topics missing in that Articles and you can contribute additional information and opinions. I will look at every comment, replay to it and ideally its additional information make it into the Article.

Community supported Research

I am a technical Writer and the majority of my time goes into research and only a minority of time is used in writing. On above subjects I have the benefit that I spend years of research already compiled in personal Articles. This is why I dare to start such a broad Article series and hope to be able to complete it in short order. However, I will have holes in my knowledge and not enough time to research. Here is where you can really help. If the area in which I lack knowledge and experience is the one which you are an expert, please share your knowledge via Comment, Send me a Message through dpreview message System, or write an Article and send me the link. Or if you simply know of a great Article / white paper on the subject, simply share that link in the comments to the appropriate Article.

Your Feedback and Help

  • If you like the Article, please be so kind and click the "Like" Button. This is motivating me to put more time into writing this Article series. With enough likes I guess there is a chance our project is promoted on home page of dpreview in the featured Article section, making this information easier to find for others looking for a solution
  • If you know links to great Articles on the subject, please post them into comments
  • If you find mistakes, please point them out in comments with suggestion for correction
  • If you disagree, state your disagreement together with reasoning
  • Make improvement suggestions

Thanks to everybody who already gave me feedback and encouragement

My thanks goes to all of you who already have given me feedback, encouragement and most importantly suggestions and research information. Without you I would not have dared to start this project. Thank you!

About the Author as in can I pull this off ?

In case you are considering to contribute, but you are not sure it is worth while as in who knows if this project will be completed, here is a bit of Information about me:

  • I started Photography 35 years ago with a Zeiss Ikon Medium Format camera of my father
  • I am the founder and CEO of a small Computer Company since 29 Years
  • I was the Head of the photography society at my High School
  • I ran an advertising Agency 1994 ... 1999 and developed its Workflow & Workflow Database
  • In the last two years I wrote 3000+ Articles on our Intranet ( so I know what I am getting into )
  • I run a product page on facebook with 2000 likes and 4000 readers
  • I develop and document new production process which we use on our production floor
  • On one of such process methodology I own a patent
  • I am Hubert Chen and I stick my real name on this Project

To everybody contributing to this project I make the promise that I will finish it in the scope as outlined in above Table of Content.

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