Developing a good Photography Workflow for Enthusiasts & Artists
( Archival | Fast | High Quality | Powerful | w/o monthly payments )



Page 3: Implementation of said "Good Photography Workflow"

A positive response by the community discussions expanded the scope ...

During my work and research I entered into discussions in the comment section of the Adobe Cloud Poll here on dpreview. I got lots of feedback and soon my perspective widened considerably and I developed a proposal of a List of Articles on the topic of a "Good Photography Workflow" and I found friendly photographers to join and help in the writing effort. Each line in the below table of content is representing one Article to be written. This is a holistic approach to develop, implement, document and continuously improve the new "Good Photography Workflow".

Proposed Table of Content of "Good Photography Workflow" Article System


  • Beating Photoshop's Rent Forever Cloud Trap
  • Good Photographic Workflow Targets
  • An introduction to the newcomer of Photographic Workflow
  • Benefits of Asset Management for ( Photo Journalists | Family Photographer | Product Photographer | Fine Art Photographer )
  • Making Non Destructive RAW Converters with Integrated Asset Management a very tasty alternative to Photoshop

      Adobe related Topics

  • Alternatives to Photoshop
  • Alternatives to Lightroom
  • How to keep your Photoshop & Lightroom workflow for years to come w/o being forced into monthly payments
  • Strengths of the Lightroom + Photoshop Workflow
  • Perpetual Photoshop CS: Solving technical problems to keep your PS CS alive for the next decade
  • How to create a doable path from CS6 + LR to a Adobe free photography workflow in the future ?
  • Adobe versus Enthusiasts & Artists: An attempt of Mending. A proposal of Understanding each other and doable Win - Win ( A very personal Essay )

      Generic Photographic Workflow

  • Benfits of splitting Workflow Documentation into Generic Workflow and Specific Workflow
  • Generic "Good Photographic Workflow" meeting the Good Photographic Workflow Targets
  • Choice of File Formats ( Not locked-in | Archival )
  • Clarity of Expression through Artist's Intent. A simple, fast and practical Guide.
  • Synergy Effects of a workflow that is ( not locked-in | Archival | Benchmark-able )
  • Benefits of Non Destructive Retouching
  • Solving Confusion about editing & retouching. And what the hell is ingestion ?

      Real World Implementations of "Good Photographic Workflow"

  • Lightroom + Photoshop
  • How you can contribute by documenting your workflow and make it available here ...
  • Expected Articles Contributed by Community:
    • DxO + Photoshop
    • Capture One Pro + Photoshop
    • Photo Mechanic + Photo Ninja
    • Corel Aftershot Pro + Corel Photo
    • Aperture + Photomechanic

      Conclusion & References

  • An Executive Summary of "Good Photography Workflow" into one personal Essay
  • Links to great resources on Photography Workflow
  • Glossary on "Good Photagraphy Workflow"

Phase 5: Continuous Improvement through RFC Format of Rolling Articles and Community integration

Page 4: RFC Format of Rolling Articles and Community integration