Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition
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Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition

Think you have a striking picture of vast galaxies millions of light years away, or a dramatic night sky scene taken much closer to home? The Royal Observatory Greenwich, in association with Sky at Night Magazine, has launched its 2014 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. Entries must be submitted by April 24, 2014. Winners will be announced September 17, 2014. The overall winner will receive £1500 (~$2,510). Category winners will receive £500 (~$837).  

Check out some of last year's winning images in our gallery above, then look at your portfolio and enter a photograph.

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(above Image) Guiding Light to the Stars by Mark Gee (Australia): The skies of the Southern Hemisphere offer a rich variety of astronomical highlights. The central regions of the Milky Way Galaxy, 26,000 light years away, appear as a tangle of dust and stars in the central part of the image. Two even more distant objects are visible as smudges of light in the upper left of the picture. These are the Magellanic Clouds, two small satellite galaxies in orbit around the Milky Way.